Learning and Enrichment for Remote Students

The Durango Learning Lab supports academic success and free exploration for remote, blended, and homeschooled students. Students are invited to join peers for a safe workspace and a wide range of enrichment activities one or two days each week.

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Learning Lab Options

Homeschool/Remote Support

Wednesday 9-R Enrichment Days

High School Tutoring

Environments to Inspire creativity

Parents are balancing concern for their children’s safety this school year with the fear of them falling behind academically. “Learning pods” have gotten attention as an alternative for families who have the time or resources to privately support their children’s learning in the midst of COVID, but this solution is cost-prohibitive for most and risks exacerbating existing issues with equity and access in our educational system. We believe a robust community-wide program with a commitment to universal access regardless of family income better serves our children and is more in keeping with our community values.


Remote, blended, and homeschooled students
(1st - 12th grade)


Full-day or half-day academic support and enrichment


One or two days per week in five-week sessions


The Powerhouse
1333 Camino Del Rio
Durango, CO

How Much

Full Day: $250 per 5-week session Half Day: $150 per 5-week session Need Based Financial Aid Available

Partners Who Share Our Vision

Like most good things in life. The Durango Learning Lab is made possible by the collaboration and support of community organizations that seek to educate, inspire and motivate.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
- W. B. Yeats

The Durango Learning Lab offers over a dozen opportunities for enrichment and exploration spanning STEM, arts and music, and recreation.

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