A True Collaboration for Families in our Community

Alpine Aerial Acrobatics
(1st-12th grade)

Join professional teachers of the aerial arts, dance and theatre. Students are invited to learn skills on trapeze, aerial fabric, aerial sling, dance, human juggling, stilt walking and so much more.

Durango Arts Center
(3rd-12th grade)

The Durango Arts Center enriches the community through innovative visual and performing art, and arts education. Kids find themselves through art and theater, grow as individuals and develop confidence in their creativity and problem solving skills, all while developing long lasting friendships.

Durango Dance
(1st-12th grade)

Our classes are all non-competitive and cooperative. We teach teamwork, body awareness, body appreciation, and dance! It is our commitment to protect and nurture the students who walk into our studio.

Durango Devo
(3rd-12th grade)

The basic mission of Durango Devo is to develop each individual, in a traditional team setting, into life-long cyclists. Today, there are 600+ kids in the program, over 100 coaches and a group for every age, ability level, and interest attracting over 1100 registrations every year!

The Hive
(6th-12th grade)

We aim to provide a venue for the youth and the Community to create, and display their art, to write and perform their own music in our DIY music venue, providing a chance to explore numerous passions that can lead to healthy habits and decision-making. We intend to host empowering workshops that encourage young people to pursue their passions confidently led by adult mentors that also share the same passion.

iAM Music
(3rd-12th grade)

iAM MUSIC is an ecosystem founded by artists for artists serving as a creative hub for collaboration. We empower and connect youth, elevate and showcase career-minded musicians, and host events to stimulate the local creative economy. We are always innovating and evolving to stay current with the wider music community.

Mountain Studies Institute (6th-12th grade)

Mountain Studies Institute will take students on a learning expedition to explore topics in water quality. We’ll take a hands-on approach to learning about the Animas River and how the Gold King Mine spill, the 416 Fire, and the mining legacy have effected our water quality. Students will learn to use scientific tools to measure various factors in our river and learn more about the aquatic life just below the surface! Open to middle and high school students.

Nifty Nanny
(1st- 5th grade)

Nifty Nanny offers engaging child care camps for the Durango area whenever school is not in session. Here at Nifty Nanny we aim to enrich the natural curiosity of children by fostering everyday discovery, enhancing activities through exercise, and learning through outdoor play. We utilize our professional background to individualize your child's needs while providing a positive, safe and educational experience for your child.

The Powerhouse
(1st-12th grade)

Science is an activity and a way of thinking, not simply a body of knowledge. At The Powerhouse, we invite learners of all ages to discover the world through hands-on exploration and creation. We engage our community through gallery exhibits, robust school programming, and our member-run MakerLab.

Seed Studio
(1st-8th grade)

Our vision is to create a cultural change for our children. In this age of information and technology, we believe it is important to help create a balance between our inner world and the ever changing world around us. At Seed Studio we strive to offer healthy, creative outlets of self-expression and mindfulness practices that they can continue to use throughout their lives.

Colvig Silver Camps
(1st-12th grade)

Join us at Colvig Silver Camps for enrichment programming where we’ll address the general social, physical, and emotional challenges that our children have experienced over the last year. We’ll be playing and learning outside, exploring and re-connecting with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.
Our goals:
1. to have fun together through a variety of experiential outdoor games and activities that explore teamwork, problem solving, leadership, and creativity.
2. to provide everyone with a sense of freedom and a chance to be themselves outside.