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The Learning Lab

Parents are balancing concern for their children’s safety this school year with the fear of them falling behind academically. “Learning pods” have gotten attention as an alternative for families who have the time or resources to privately support their children’s learning in the midst of COVID, but this solution is cost-prohibitive for most and risks exacerbating existing issues with equity and access in our educational system. We believe a robust community-wide program with a commitment to universal access regardless of family income better serves our children and is more in keeping with our community values.

The Durango Learning Lab offers full- and half-day options to support at-home students (K – 12th grade). Cohorts of 8-12 students are organized by learning model (fully remote vs. blended) and grade level and meet one or two day(s) per week during a five-week session.

For most full-day and half-day participants, part of their day is spent on school-assigned coursework with support from adult tutors with mini-enrichment programs scheduled throughout the day providing structured learning or extracurricular activities. That might be a robotics workshop in the MakerLab, a paleontology unit at the Science Center, an introductory music class, or a cycling class among other possibilities.

For parents, the Durango Learning Lab provides one or two days a week when they can focus on other responsibilities with the knowledge that their children are learning, growing, and having fun. For students, this is a chance to work away from their home environment, interact with a small group of peer learners, and access recreational and enrichment activities that might otherwise be closed to them.

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Still curious about whether the Learning Lab is a fit for your family? Please email the Program Coordinator at sasha@powsci.org.