The Project Team

Sasha Creeden

Project Coordinator

Sasha is a Colorado native and hopes to never leave. She has taught multiple science courses over five years at Durango High School and previously taught middle school science in Denver. She is excited to bring her experience from teaching, working with nonprofit organizations, and her passion for science education to The Powerhouse and the Durango Learning Lab. Her background in environmental sciences and work in the natural resources field preceded the shift to education when she earned a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. When she isn’t working at The Powerhouse, you can find Sasha floating on the river or hiking in the mountains.

Volunteer Tutors

Loretta Sandoval-Schrader, Fort Lewis College

Lauren Chapple, Fort Lewis College

Michael Brohawn, Fort Lewis College

Hannah Gondini, Fort Lewis College

Dear Durango Families,

The Learning Lab connects kids back into both their academics and social lives after months of challenges and disrupted learning. Our staff, volunteers, and community partners are committed to helping students experience success and the biggest world we can possibly offer while balancing health and safety concerns.

Each day offers a mix of supported learning time and enrichment activities. During the academic time, kids will work on the course material provided by their school or academic program while under the care of Powerhouse tutors. Our enrichment activities fall into the realms of Recreational, STEM, or the Arts and are provided through our wonderful community partnerships. The goal of this program is to give kids a place to continue their learning while also connecting with their peers and having a great time.

My team and I are excited to work with your family to find the right support for their learning and life goals. We are all still learning our own right balance between opportunity and isolation amidst this pandemic, and I am happy to answer questions you might have as you weigh whether the Learning Lab is right for you.



Janet Wilbanks

Learning Lab Facilitator

Debbie Ball

Learning Lab Facilitator

Jeff Susor

Interim Executive Director
Powerhouse Science Center

Teresa Craft

Deputy Director
Powerhouse Science Center